Petite XS

petite xs

What is “PetiteXS”?

Petite XS reviews Petite, Small, and eXtra Small (XS) size women’s clothing and retailers of petite, small, and XS size fashions, with an eye towards the latest trends as well as classic timeless fashions.

Who is “Petite”?

For the many women who are not what the clothing industry considers “standard sizes” (sizes 4-14, 5′ 4″ to 5′ 8″ in height), there are “special” sizes that cater to petite women. According to a survey by Kurt Salmon Associates, about 20% of women fit into that category. One of the misconceptions about petite sizes is that you have to be a tiny little thing to qualify. Actually, “petite” refers to height, not girth: women under 5′ 4″ are considered petite by the industry whether they wear a size 24 or a 4. Although many shorter women are concerned about fit (like getting a dress to hit where it’s supposed to, or finding sleeves that don’t hang to your knees), there are issues of color, scale and proportion that make it difficult to find styles that look flattering.

Don’t be discouraged if department store offerings are too old or fussy for your taste. Specialty stores, online resources and catalogs may have just what you need. You may even find just what you’re looking for in your local Walmart! We are here to help you in your search for petite clothing, shoes, and lingerie, and retailers. We’ll help you find clothes that fit, and give you fashion advice and tip to make you look great.